Can crystals facilitate physical growth?

Looking into commodified self care culture, eco-capitalism and how to become an organic snake oils salesman.

Crystals being used to help a freshly propagated cactus grow. Would it work for humans too?

Attempting to communicate with poorly plants through tarot reading.

Card reading; oppression, captivity, servitude and justice.

Now that even Aloe Vera (a staple in the green self care circles) has been found to be carcinogenic ( and healing crystals come from questionable mines (, it could be argued that the table’s have turned and the snake oil has suddenly become the purest health tonic out there. Granted, it does not cure blindness, but it’s (definitely) organic, and no snakes were actually harmed in the process of making it.

Cognitive enhancing easy stick on crystals. (trademark pending) Disclaimer: crystals were used in the making of this article.

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