poisonous paintings

She goes out at dusk, picking Hemlock, Foxglove and Lily of the valley and anything else she can use for her paintings. It’s a long process. Picking the plants and flowers, drying them, grinding into dust and making the paint. Sometimes she uses protective equipment but not always. the airborne plant dust makes her mouth water, the pupils dilate and her legs and fingers feel tingly. She can make the organic yet poisonous paint from scratch. She can make the stretchers herself. But she has no idea what to paint on them. Maybe she only wanted to make poison not paintings.

foxglove pigment
chart of poisonous plants
Ecosystems of Colour by Hildur Bjarnadottir. Hildur is an Icelandic artist who uses plants picked from her own little plot of land to create works based on natural plant dye which have a personal and direct link to nature.

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