work – unit 1

Suitcase exhibition 2019. Emotional Baggage Plinth
5 Kleenex tissue boxes
Off site show 2019. Stone plinth

MAFA International Festival 2019. Single audience Morgue performance.

Bókasafn/Library Reykjavík 2019. 15 minute poems in English and Icelandic. Unauthorised impromptu exhibition in the Reykjavik National Library.

Collaboration with Chelsea BA Fine Art 3rd year student. Working with ideas of time limitations to prevent overthinking. Doing without (over) thinking. Who will be the viewer?

The Archives – Rekjavik National Library 2019
day job sculpture – summer 2019 (tapas restaurant)
day job video – winter 2019 (plant shop)
Króksfjarðarnes – autumn 2019
domestic scenes (I only shed my skin in the bath) – film – autumn 2019
domestic scenes – digital glitch – winter 2019
domestic scenes – digital – winter 2019
it’s all lies – video study gone wrong
experiments with subtitles/ subtext
haugur//mound – Cookhouse groupshow 2019
Compost and text
Ideas of ownership, land, laziness. Working for dirt. Gender equality and feminism.
In Icelandic haugur is also a word for a lazy person.
Private View Cookhouse group show 2019

“This artwork will have to be cleared out tomorrow, but I probably won’t be able to make it in to do it so please feel free to grab a bit of compost for your plants or whatever your soil needs might be. This mound of earth cost 20 pounds, which is just under two hours of work at my weekend job. At my last job though, I was only on 8.50 an hour. It would have taken me almost three hours to earn this mound there. After six months at that job I was still on 8.50 but when my partner started at the same place he was on 9.50 for the exact same job. So, we both quit. Not because of the discrimination though, I wish I could say that. Anyway, if you don’t need any soil could you please just take a handful and throw it in the skip, that would be great. Thanks!

…Actually, to be honest, I’m probably going to use this material again for my next piece of work. There is a show coming up next week. It’s going to be great, you should definitely check it out. And if I won’t use the compost for more art, I have plenty of houseplants that need repotting. My favourite plant at the moment is Sansevieria. I never used to like them but then I read how hardy they are and that according to NASA they have amazing air purification qualities. So now I have four of them. One is called Sansevieria Moonshine, that’s a really cool name. I wish I was called Moonshine. Well, maybe it’s not the best to be named after a home brewed hard liquor (although I am a big fan of DIY drinking). I once met a woman named Eva Waterfall. Her parents were hippies. When they died she inherited their Kombucha mushroom.”

við göngum í hringi//we’re walking in circles – unit 1 show 2019 – ALG17 Performance exploring the mistrust of the mundane, replicating the repetitive tasks of the everyday and accepting their absurdity.

study for a painting – happy monthly

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