The politics of grass

In the current climate having a lawn is a privilege. In the sense that only certain people can a afford a house with a lawn and that with global warming, having a lush green lawn means you have the privilege of plenty of water to waist on it. Having a lawn is a status symbol.… Continue reading The politics of grass

Can crystals facilitate physical growth?

Looking into commodified self care culture, eco-capitalism and how to become an organic snake oils salesman. Crystals being used to help a freshly propagated cactus grow. Would it work for humans too? Attempting to communicate with poorly plants through tarot reading. Card reading; oppression, captivity, servitude and justice. Now that even Aloe Vera (a staple… Continue reading Can crystals facilitate physical growth?

When your Day Job informs your practice

Thoughts on nature as commodity and memorabilia. Portable test tube nature memorial. Euphorbia contain a milky sap which is poisonous and highly irritating for skin and eyes. Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane contain needle-shaped calcium oxalate crystals that can cause a temporary burning/ numbing sensation and erythema. Marimo or Kúluskítur is a rare form of algae… Continue reading When your Day Job informs your practice

poisonous paintings

She goes out at dusk, picking Hemlock, Foxglove and Lily of the valley and anything else she can use for her paintings. It’s a long process. Picking the plants and flowers, drying them, grinding into dust and making the paint. Sometimes she uses protective equipment but not always. the airborne plant dust makes her mouth… Continue reading poisonous paintings

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